Company Profile

Company Profile

Fields of Specialization

Designing and executing residential, commercial and employment [sic.] buildings projects, executing “Turn Key” construction, investment oriented yielding real-estate and urban renewal.

Zemach Hammerman is a construction company that is traded at Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange Market, and is regarded as one of the most quality driven and reliable companies in Israel. The company predominantly carries out large residential, office and commercial projects as well as performs other projects for leading companies in the Israeli market using the “Turn-Key Project” method. The Group focuses on both budget priced and luxurious residential projects, as well as building hi-tech, commercial, offices and industrial areas. The Group adapts its activities to suit the Israeli market needs in general, and the various regional markets needs in particular. The company’s activity as a contractor that is provided for select employers in Israel focuses on advanced construction techniques and unique projects. As of 2018, the company also offers investment oriented yielding real-estate.

Zemach Hammerman, which was established in 1997, is comprised of the experience of two companies with over 50 years’ experience in the construction and real-estate industry. The company has an “unlimited” classification for construction (C5). The company is approved by Israeli Standards Institute to carry out construction work for government offices; additionally, the company is a certified contractor approved to do work for the Ministry of Defense. The company was granted the international standard ISO 9002, which attests to its commitment for executing construction at the utmost quality, including quality control and safety.

The company’s policy is focusing on its activity in Israel, while striving to grow, be reasonably profitable, and minimizing risks. The company regards meeting its obligations as their utmost priority concerning all affiliated parties, including, customers, tenants, partners, bankers, suppliers, subcontractors, planners, supervisors, employees, etc.


Special emphasis is made on high-quality construction, on-site-safety procedures for the public and employees, meeting deadlines, strict payment ethics, and proper and fair labor relations. The group ensures remaining in the lead with regards to embedding innovative construction, industrial, computerization and control technologies. The company names for customers some of Israel’s leading and most financially sound organizations. The company forms partnerships with other leading companies in the sector in order to mitigate risks. The Zemach Hammerman Group employs a highly experienced staff that includes approximately 190 employees.


Housing Projects

Projects that Zemach Hammerman is involved with as a developer include: approximately 530 residential units in Ramat Gan’s great triangle; approximately 163 residential units in Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv; 130 apartments in Alphei Menashe; approximately 340 residential units in Beit Shemesh; approximately 477 apartments in Ganei Tikva, approximately 685 apartments in Jaffa, approximately 46 apartments in Givatayim, approximately 176 apartments in Karmiel, approximately 68 apartments in Tzur Yitzhak and approximately 745 residential units in Achziv, Naharia.

Active projects: Projects carried out for third parties are mostly executed by its subsidiary Sivan Construction, which is owned in equal shares by Zemach Hammerman Ltd. and Sivan Berkovitch who serves as CEO of the subsidiary.

The “Turn Key Projects” that Zemach Hammerman sees to as a contractor include: 204 apartments in Netanya; 470 residential units in Rehovot; 455 residential units in Tel-Aviv; and 600 residential units in Herzliya.

Commercial and Office Projects: Approximately 14,000 sq.m. in Beit Shemesh; approximately 2,200 sq.m. in Tel Aviv; approximately 8,800 sq.m. in Ganei Tikva; approximately 42,800 sq.m. in Givatayim, and several street shops in Neve Tzedek and Jaffa.